Free initial consultation |this week only
Free initial consultation |this week only

What is counselling?

Hi, I am Viv

If you are looking at this page, then it is likely that you are   thinking about accessing counselling. It is important that you find the right counsellor for you someone that can best support you to move towards making the changes that you wish to.

I am trained as an integrative counsellor and psychotherapist. This means that I am trained in a variety of approaches and I can adapt my practice to what would be of benefit to you

I have knowledge in Person Centred Counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Counselling and, Psychodynamic Counselling

Counselling can be short term or long term which is dependent on what you need.

Psychotherapy is more in depth and is often long-term work that requires the counsellor to be more knowledgeable in working with complex issues. I can offer both counselling and psychotherapy according to what works best for you.

You might feel ready to look at what happening for you in your life and it may be that you want to  work toward achieving a brighter future and be able to reduce your stress, worries  and any anxieties that you might have now. I can be there to listen to you and help you to unpick what is happening to you now. Whether it has been something from your past that you are ready to work through or whether it is something that is affecting your life at this moment. It could be through your experience of living through the Covid pandemic that is currently causing you stress or anxiety. It could be that you have been affected by the death of someone close to you and you just want someone to talk to about your grief and loss.

Or it could be something in your life that is unrelated to Covid such as, family relationship difficulties or couple relationship problems.  Family and couple relationships sometimes need more time to think about to ensure that it is working well for you.  I can do this within counselling session with you. I work with couples who are having relationship difficulties and would like to work together to resolve these problems. I do not pretend that I am able to sort out the  all of the  challenges that your relationship is bringing up  for you at the moment  but I would like to  work with you to find out what works best for both.


I  currently offer counselling via ZOOM and telephone telephone counselling. I primarily offer sessions during the evenings and some sessions on Saturday.  

Areas of counselling I deal with

Therapies offered